Initiate Services

Welcome to the Iredell Water Corporation Community. We look forward to serving your water needs.

Iredell Water Corporation is a membership-owned, non-profit utility which since 1966, has provided public drinking water to the community in mainly Eastern and Northern Iredell County.

How To Sign Up For Water Service

If signing up in person please call ahead to our office to set up an appointment. If e-mailing please include all the following information below. You must physically or electronically sign and initial your service application and membership agreement if you email the forms. The email address for submital is located in the top righthand corner of the service application.

To initiate service you will need the following:

  •     A completed water service application form is located below in the relevant document section.
  •     You & your spouse (if applicable) SSN # or Federal Tax ID #
  •     If a Business the Company name and Federal Tax ID#
  •     A valid picture ID. This can be a driver’s license, state identification card, or passport.
  •     Proof of ownership of the property if the owner.*
  •     Lease agreement if renting along with Owners name, address, and phone number*
  •     Physical address where service is requested.
  •     Payment for Membership ($10) and deposit (Owner $50, Renter $100)**
  •     Payment for tap fees if service is for a new tap.

*If applying for service and you can not provide proof of ownership or a lease/renters agreement service can not be granted. If you do not have a legal lease/renters agreement you may use the Oral Lease Agreement which can be downloaded below. It must be completed by the property owner. Examples of proof of ownership are the tax statement for property, HUD Statement, or a signed Offer to Purchase Agreement.

**Deposits are required on all new locations services and/or accounts, regardless of history.

If applying by email please contact our office to verify we have all the correct documentation.The email address for submital is located in the top righhand corner of the service application.

Iredell Water Corporation accepts payment by cash, check money order, bank draft, or credit/debit card. Service requests are accepted only during business hours. Any fraudulent information on the water service application will result in denial of service water service or immediate disconnection of water service. Request for same-day service to turn water on or off will also be charged a fee.