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New payment features for text-to-pay and autopay for credit or debit cards

Iredell Water Corporation is always striving to improve the customer experience because we know your time is valuable. With that goal in mind, Iredell Water is pleased to announce we've launched two, new, customer-friendly improvements to our bill payment process that will enable you to pay your bill quickly and whenever you want.


1)  You can use the new Autopay feature which will  charge your credit or debit card on the 11th day of every month. 

To sign up for autopay, log into our customer portal or register and log in if you have not previously registered. Next, make a payment through the portal and choose to save your payment profile when entering the card information for the payment. After the payment has been authorized, you can enable Autopay by clicking on the words "Autopay" on the left-hand side of the screen then choosing enable autopay on the screen.

There is a $2 pass-through charge to our card processing vendor for use of this service.


2)  If you use our IVR phone system to pay your bills, you can now opt-in to a new text-to-pay feature.

After making your next payment through our phone system and entering your phone number to receive confirmation, you will be enrolled for text-to-pay. The next time a charge is generated on your Iredell Water account, you will receive a text with the balance and the last 4 digits of your account number. All you then need to do is respond with the word ALL to make the payment which will use the card last used on the IVR system. You will receive a confirmation text after the payment has gone through. 

The pass-through fee to our card processing vendor is $2.00 to use the text-to-pay option versu the $2.50 fee for using the IVR phone payment system, so this will not only save you time but also money. 

You can also quickly decide if you want to stop using the feature.  You can opt out of text-to-pay by simply replying with the word STOP when you receive your next text.


To register for our customer portal, visit www.iredellwater.com and follow the Pay My Bill links. You just need you account number and billing name.


We hope these improvements will make your life a little easier, and we thank you for being our customer.