About Us

Iredell Water Corporation is a membership owned non-profit utility which provides public drinking water to the community in mainly Northern Iredell County. Iredell Water Corporation has served Iredell County residents since 1966, when the By-laws were adopted at the first Corporation meeting. A brief history can be viewed here.

Is Iredell Water Corporation part of Iredell County Government?
No. We are sometimes referred to as “County Water,” but we are in no way associated with Iredell County government. Our services are funded with fees and charges for the services we provide. Most of our revenue comes from our monthly bills for water service. We do not receive property taxes, sales taxes, etc.

Does Iredell Water Corporation make a profit?
All businesses must make a profit or they wouldn't stay in business. What makes us as a non-profit different is that all profits are invested back into the water system not stock holders. We have “cost-of-service” rates and fees, which are set to cover the costs of our service operations, maintenance and capital improvements to protect and enhance the Corporations water infrastructure assets.  We also set aside revenues to maintain adequate financial reserves for the future.

How is Iredell Water Corporation governed?
Our 9-member Board of Directors, all of whom are members of the corporation, make policy decisions such as adopting the annual budget, rates and fees; approving resolutions and ordinances regarding our services, plans and water regulations; and approving line extensions and future projects.

What is the service area of Iredell Water Corporation?
Iredell Water service area is mainly the northern half of Iredell County from South of Statesville to North of Union Grove and from the County lines of Davie & Rowan in eastern Iredell County to Hwy 90 in western Iredell County. Our service area extends into 11 of the 16 townships in Iredell County.



We often take our water supply for granted until it is in danger, either from drought, water main breaks, or some other event. Each day, many people turn on their faucets, but give little thought to the water that flows from the faucet. We strive to keep that water safe, dependable and flowing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



Awards & Honors

  •     NCRWA Founding Fathers Award, awarded to J.A. Mize, July 1976
  •     NCRWA J.A. Younts Award, awarded to Keith Snoddy, April 1993
  •     NCRWA J.A. Younts Award, awarded to Keith Snoddy, May 2002
  •     American Council of Engineering Companies, 2002 ACEC/NC
  •     Client Recognition Award, awarded to IWC, Oct. 2002
  •     NCRWA Spirit Award, awarded to IWC, May 2005
  •     NCRWA Certificate of Achievement for Wellhead Protection, awarded to IWC, May 2008
  •     NCRWA J.A. Younts Award, awarded to Danny Sloan, May 2009


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