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Hurricane Florence Update

While there is still some uncertainty about Hurricane Florence’s direction and impact, our employees at Iredell Water Corporation have been working to prepare for the possible coming storm. This week has been spent checking generators, readying chainsaws, fueling up our equipment and vehicles, and updating our Emergency Response Plan. We have been engaged with other utilities, Iredell County Emergency Management, and NC Rural Water Association. We are also members of the NC Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (NCWaterWarn) which allows Iredell Water Corporation access to recieve and provide mutual aid to/from other member utilities across the state. We stand ready to support our employees, customers, & community before, during and after the potential storm. We will as always continue to plan for the worst and pray for the best.

While we do everything we can to plan for power outages, we cannot plan for large mainline leaks that may cause a high demand in water usage if we have a large scale power outage and are on emergency generator power. In the event of a large area power outage due to the storm, we do request that our customers conserve water until power is fully restored. We will send out updates via our website, our Facebook page, and through the Iredell County Emergency Operation Center and local news media, if we feel there is a need to conserve or boil water in a particular area of the water system.

Keep up to date with our latest news through our website at www.iredellwater.com or our Facebook page @IredellWater.

Below are some guideline related to your water that you can use during this possible inclement weather event. The main thing to take away from these guideline is to begin preparing now, not after the storm hits.

What to do before the potential weather related to your water?

 In the wake of threatening inclement weather:

  • Store a 3 to 7 day supply of 1 gallon of drinking water per person/animal, per day. 
    • Additional water may be necessary for those with special needs.
  • Fill Ziploc bags three-quarters full of water and stack them standing upright in your freezer. This will help keep your freezer cold longer in case of a power outage, and it will also give you a good supply of fresh drinking water if needed.
  • If water pressure is low or service has been interrupted, flush toilets as little as possible and discontinue outside water use.
  • 24hrs before storm arrival, fill bathtubs and/or buckets with water for use flushing toilets in case of loss of water.
  • Iredell Water Corporation customers can report water main breaks and leaks by calling 704-876-0672 from M-F, 8:00am-4:30pm, or 704-876-0673 after hours or during inclement weather.

   What to do after inclement weather related to your water?

After inclement weather has passed:

  • Watch or listen to news, our website or Facebook page for any issue with the safety of the potable water supply. If there are any issues we will make a public announcement.
    • Carefully follow any boil water instructions until the advisory is lifted, if a boil water advisory issued.
    • Follow any conservation instructions until the advisory is lifted, if a conservation advisory issued.
  • You should check for water and sewage line damage. If you suspect damage:
    • Water lines from tap to the meter - contact Iredell Water Corporation to check & repair
    • Water lines from meter to home - contact Iredell Water Corporation and/or a plumber if you can’t shut off water. You will be responsible for repair.
    • Sewer/Septic lines - contact City of Statesville or Town of Harmony dependent upon where you live, and/or a plumber and avoid using the toilets.

If the water treatment and distribution system loses pressure, is damaged, or interrupted, Iredell Water Corporation may issue a precautionary boil water advisory.  This means there is the possibility of contamination, and you should boil all water used for human consumption until testing confirms the water system has returned to normal operation.

Iredell Water Corporation will have emergency staff on call during inclement weather to maintain the viability of our infrastructure and attempt to ensure our community has water, so long as their safety is not in jeopardy.

Thank you and stay safe!