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Ostwalt-Amity Project Area Reduced Tap Fee Offer

As part of our mission to provide residents living in rural, unincorporated parts of Iredell County with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water, we plan to extend water service to the areas of Bethesda Road, Ostwalt-Amity Road, Overcash Road, Weathers Creek Road, Brawley Road, and Shinnville Road. The attached map shows the proposed new service area. The roads highlighted in yellow are our planned project extension.

Iredell Water Corporation is a non-profit water utility formed in 1966 by residents of Iredell County to provide a safe, dependable, potable water supply to areas of Iredell County that would otherwise never be served by a public water system or municipality. Iredell Water Corporation currently serves over 9,400 homes and businesses in central and northern Iredell County. Our water is supplied from over 30 large groundwater wells located around our 425+ miles of distribution system.  Iredell Water Corporation is not affiliated with Iredell County Government.

Iredell Water Corporation is entering into our project design phase at this time and construction is planned to begin in early 2019.

We are reducing our normal residential connection fee ( ¾ “ tap) of $1,425.00 down to $725.00 for residents of this project area if the property owners agree to have water service installed during the construction phase of this project. To obtain this discount property owners must apply for water service and pay the tap fee at our offices at 571 Jennings Road, Statesville, NC by November 1st, 2018.  This offer will not be extended again. Property owners will also be required to pay for a membership and deposit at the time they sign-up for service.

As an example, an owner of a property would pay a reduced tap fee (¾ “ tap)  of $725.00, a $10.00 membership and a $50 deposit for a total of $785.00. The property owner would then be responsible for installing a service line from the water meter to the residence after installation of water meter. The average monthly water bill for our customers in 2017 was $26.23.

If a property owner decides to not take advantage of this reduced tap fee at this time, service will still be available at a later date, but will be at our current tap fee at that time.

If you have any questions about water service or the project, please contact Keith Snoddy or Danny Sloan at 704-876-0672.