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Leak Notifications by E-mail

In 2013, in an effort to continue to improve our customer service, we added a new tool to potentially save our customer's water and money in the event of a water leak. In addition to our Consumer Portal our newest feature allows you, the consumer, to be notified by e-mail within hours if your water meter detects a potential leak or continuous 24 hour flow in your plumbing system. This new feature allows us to notify you faster in the event of a potential leak occurring at the time we read your meter, thereby saving you money,conserving water and possibly also water damage to your home or business. We currently notify all customers of leak alarms by adding a message to your water bill, but it could be up to 7 days after we read your meter before you receive your bill. With the email notifications we could notify you as soon as two hours.

The meter's leak alarm is triggered internally in your water meter if water is being used continuously for 24 hours. Some leaks will not always be noticeable or visible to you, the consumer. The water meter is very sensitive and will detect the slightest movement in your service or plumbing lines. The meter will detect water usage as small as a commode leak in the bathroom. If it is a temporary leak the meter alarm will reset itself after 3 hours of no water flow.

With our Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system all water meters are read by radio at least once each month and sometimes more often. Some customers may have up to a maximum of 5 meter reading per week. Whenever one of our vehicles with the AMR system drives by your water meter, it automatically collects the reading and any alarm present at the time of the reading. These readings and alarms are uploaded to your account and can be viewed at any time through our consumer portal.

To use this feature all you need to do is register online at www.masterlinkasp.net, or follow the "Pay My Bill" links at www.iredellwater.com . You may also come by our office to update your account contact information with your email address. Once your email is listed on your contact information you will begin to receive alerts automatically if your meter were to detect a leak at the time of meter reading.

For further question on leak notifications or the consumer portal call our office at 704-876-0672 or email us at info@iredellwater.com.