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Iredell Water Corporation Issues 2022 Water Quality Report

STATESVILLE, NC (May 27, 2022): The Iredell Water Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its 2022 Water Quality Report, which details data collected during Calendar Year 2021. The report, which is mandated by an amendment to the Safe Drinking Water Act, provides important details about the quality of the drinking water provided by Iredell Water to the communities of Union Grove, Harmony, Olin, Turnersburg, Central, Scotts Creek, Fairview, Cool Springs, and Wayside Area. The report is available on Iredell Water’s website at www.iredellwater.com/water-quality-report, in Iredell Water’s office at 571 Jennings Road, and in print by request. To receive a copy by mail, contact our customer service staff at 704-876-0672 or billing@iredellwater.com.


Iredell Water customers will again find that their drinking water met or exceeded the standards for safety and quality as set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “Throughout Covid, our dedicated staff provided our customers with high-quality water they could count on every day,” said Keith Snoddy, General Manager of the Iredell Water Corporation. “This report details their efforts because informed customers are our best customers.” 


Iredell Water’s 2022 Water Quality Report details the treatment processes used to provide our customers with clean drinking water. Our highly trained, state-certified water treatment operators and maintenance technicians work around the clock to insure a safe, high quality, and reliable product.  A testing-related Notice of Violation was issued due to a delayed test that occurred in February 2021, instead of January 2021.  


During this year’s budget process, Iredell Water evaluated current and future projects to ensure the rate increases required to keep our water system safe and reliable were also affordable for our customers. As a result, Iredell Water was able to limit our increase in customer rates. Beginning in January 2022, an average residential user of 4,000 gals per month had a rate increase of 4.56% or $1.30 per month over the 2021 water rates. Iredell Water’s rates and policies can be found at www.iredellwater.com/rates-and-policies.